The family who was in the focus of a further target aid project of Mangold Foundation has been living together with numerous family members for many years, three generations under quite confined space conditions.

Mangold Foundation was active in distributing again Relief Goods, mainly clothes, to a small fisher village in Orion, Bataan. Thanks to the generous repeated supplies of relief goods of all kinds from German Patron Families, Mangold Foundation could additionally support a Fisher Village, living in Bamboo Houses above the water.

Mangold Foundation has been engaged by active support to overcome together the Covid 19 situation, especially during the weeks of lock down situation here in the area. Thanks to our available funds, our Team was in the position to arrange rice, plus food and drink distribution.

During Christmas Time and the change to the New Year, Mangold Foundation could successfully implement another charity project by distributing clothes, shoes, school needs and toys to selected families in need. This further social help became only possible thanks to a group of patronizing families in Germany. They did not only collect - over months - all the precious and good quality contents of the three big size cartons which were sent to Mangold Resort/Mangold Foundation by sea freight, but also supported our Foundation with additional funds to focus on target support here at site for some actual side needs inside families.

For the second time, Mangold Resort was used as platform for the activities of Mangold Foundation to distribute in total three carton boxes of second hand clothes which were collected from good hearted patron families in Germany. After a travel of three months by seafreight, the clothes were distributed from Mangold Foundation Team to various families, among which there were also two nearby located Aita villages, the aboriginal people of the Philippines.

Mangold Foundation has engaged themselves to install a 350 metre-lang hose in the closeby Aita Village in the middle of the jungle so that a permanent water supply is now guaranteed in this remote location where six native Filipino families have been living for a long time.

Mangold Foundation successfully accomplished another social target project. On 14th February - incidently a perfect match to Valentines Day - the construction of a toilet facility and washing area was finished. In combination with a small inauguration party the new building was then officially presented to the local Aita inhabitants of the Village. Incidently, the day before, one mother was giving birth to two little twin boys, so even more now, the presence of this toilet and washing area is of precious value.

Monday, 07 January 2019 18:48

Christmas 2018

During the Christmas Time, in total 21 families, mainly AITA families in their villages, living without electricity - here around Mangold Resort have been in the focus of Mangold Foundation.

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