Friday, 31 August 2018 19:12

Mangold Foundation has successfully accomplished another social target project

Family Alfredo Ambrocio - father, mother, four children and grandmother, had to move out from their previous home for certain reasons and could not find resp. finance another appropriate new home and vacant place.

Mangold Foundation took care of finding a free vacant house which we successfully could rent for at least three years after having negotiated with the owner. Certain basic works have become necessary; Concrete works, Electrical and Water supply, CR, shower, tiling and interior works. All those construction works were taken over by the Team of Mangold Resort / Foundation during the past four weeks. Also the outside landscaping was necessary since here at this place, since quite some time nobody has been living.

The day before yesterday, the family moved in happily. A King Size bed, matrice, pillows, a seating unit with table, a bigger table with chairs, gas stove and gas bottle, certain kitchen utensils and a basic tool set for father Alfredo was also held at the disposal of the family. Finally, we also handed over some toys for the children who so far hat not any ...
A nice BBQ party with some Filipino beers made this day end in a wonderful atomsphere. All members involved were happy and pleased about the successful accomplishment of this target project. A nice side aspect was also that now - since there is more space - the grandmother of the children, the mother of Alfredo, has also the chance to stay together with the family of her son and having consequently a much better life than before.

A big THANK YOU to all our sponsors and patrons of Mangold Foundation; each small donation is of big help for our social engagements. The financial means which we could use from our funds for this target project, together with our engagement and Team, we would make again a humble family very happy and give a better life to all family members.


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