Friday, 08 May 2020 07:06

Mangold Foundation 2019 12 / 2020 01 Further distribution of clothes received from German Patron Families

During Christmas Time and the change to the New Year, Mangold Foundation could successfully implement another charity project by distributing clothes, shoes, school needs and toys to selected families in need. This further social help became only possible thanks to a group of patronizing families in Germany. They did not only collect - over months - all the precious and good quality contents of the three big size cartons which were sent to Mangold Resort/Mangold Foundation by sea freight, but also supported our Foundation with additional funds to focus on target support here at site for some actual side needs inside families.

Mangold Foundation and its team can only express our deepest gratitude and thanks to all those German patrons who, despite living so far away, have become active as group, have organized the collection, spending lots of time, money and efforts to have finally arranged the shipment to the Philippines. All these considerations, actions and generous collective attitudes with the aim of supporting our charity engagements here at Mangold Resort / Mangold Foundation. Thank you very much!


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