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Friday, 08 May 2020 07:22

April 2020 / Covid 19 Target Help for Front Liners and Families in need

Mangold Foundation has been engaged by active support to overcome together the Covid 19 situation, especially during the weeks of lock down situation here in the area. Thanks to our available funds, our Team was in the position to arrange rice, plus food and drink distribution.

In our focus were mainly families in need and the many front liners who have been supporting the communities in the surroundings by working day and night in order to keep up the quarantine rules and to provide safety and health protection for all the inhabitants here. We all must be very thankful for their job. Most of these front lining persons have been working on a voluntary basis, dedicating their life and time for other people. An exemplary attitude which deserves our all highest appreciation. Thank you so very much, Maraming Salamat, to all of you. You have been doing an excellent job, exhausting and full of dedication.


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Mangold Foundation

It is our mission to go on supporting poor and needy people here in the Philippines. It goes without saying that we will be in need of support from friends and patrons of Mangold Resort. Thank you very much for your decision to support us and our relief funds! Please remember that with a relatively small amount of money, we can make relatively many people happy, resp. we can relatively move a lot.

Your donation will be clearly targeted and you will receive individual information about how and for which mission your support was used. If you desire, we are as well inclined to open and follow related sponsorships for you.

THANK YOU! … to all friends and patrons of Mangold Resort.

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