Philippines in short

General Information


The islands of the Philippines consist of 7107 islands. Located in the the West Pacific ocean. The Philippines belong to South East Asia. Behind Indonesia, Madagascar, Papua-Newguinea und Japan they are on fifth biggest island state. Around 100 million inhabitants make the Philippines the 12th biggest country in the world. The name is related to the Spanish discoverer Ruy López de Villalobos, who gave the name in honor to the son of his Spanish King, named Philipp.

The South Chinese Sea is separating the Philippines in the Western part from Vietnam, the Sulu Sea in the South West from Malaysia, the Celebe Sea in the South from Indonesia. In the Eastern part you find the Philippine Sea. Out of the in total 7107 islands, 3144 islands have a name, approx. 880 islands are not inhabited. Only 11 islands cover an area over 2500 sqm; the two biggest are Luzon (where Mangold Resort is located) and Mindanao.

Form of Government

Presidential constitutional Republic with government in Manila, capital of the Philippines.


Over 80% are catholics. The country is the biggest christian orientated country in Asia. The catholic church has a high influence on politics and daily social life. The Philippines – besides the Vatican – is the only country in the world where the right of divorce does not exist!


The climate of the Philippines is influenced by the closeness to the sea. No place is more far away than maximum 200 km from the beach. The average temperature is at 26,5 degrees. On the Northern main island Luzon, where Mangold Resort is located, you can spend holidays from September till June at guaranteed daily sunshine.


Among the Asian countries, the Philippine kitchen is by far the closest to the European one. You will find all kinds of meat, fisch, seafood, vegetables and further delicacies. All dishes are prepared fresh, frozen goods are practically not around. The famous flavorful rice is served with all meals which are usually not as spicy as in other Asian countries.
You will miss the knife on the table. This is reserved fort he cook in the kitchen. All meals are prepared in such a way that you will not miss any knife. Spoon and fork are sufficient. On traditional happenings you can watch Filippinos eating with hand, without any cutlery. There are indeed few countries in the world where the offer of sun spoiled fruits is so extensive. Mango fruits belong to the export hits of the Philippines.


For stays up to 21 days, no visa required. Should the stay take longer for unexpected reasons, you have to settle an overlookable amount during emigration depending on the number of prolongated days.

Automatic Teller Machines

They are available all over the country. No problem to withdraw money with the Maestro Card from Sparkasse (not credit card) and with all known credit cards.


Right hand traffic. In villages and cities sometines quite chaotic but respectful. Jeepneys and Trycicles dominate the picture of the streets.

Friendliness and Hospitality

There are indeed few countries in the world where foreign visitors are welcomed and treated in such exceptionally friendly and hospitable way. Filippino people are enjoying when foreign visitros are spending their holiday in their country of which they are very proud of. They will do their utmost to make your stay memorable and enjoyable.

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